The fight over Syria is about ownership of the inner heart.

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Julien Moorrees

A message from the Agharthans:

The incarnation of Isthar into Syria has caused a huge escalation over the world. Why does the US wants to invade and bomb Syria? Are they going to protect, own or destroy the inner hearth of the world? Is Isthar so powerfull, that he must be destroyed before he can even start to transform the world?

I hope that the true intentions will reveil themselves when the light of the heart, changes everything for good. It is time for us to activate our second heart, and connect with the inner earth. Give peace to those who now need to fight for their live. Only to allow Isthar a safe passage into this new light.

I welcome you in my heart, Isthar! All the Lemurian knowledge can come to the surface so that we can restore our mother with it. Feel the change from the inside moving outwards. Share your light with the world. Share your light with yourself.

Always remember that the heart cannot be owned. It can only be loved, lived and cherished. So don't give it to anyone but yourself. Allow it to connect to your own second heart, so that you come into contact with your inner wisdom. Only that will free the world and makes sure that Isthar can do, what she want to do here.

It is really time to let go of the fear. The fear of losing your heart. The fear that the Earth loses its heart.