The incarnation of Ishtar

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Julien Moorrees

Ishtar is a well known goddes of the inner Earth and represents the female side of the Lemurians that have lived for a very long time in the inner earth. The Lemurian male part has lived above the Earth, for a very long time and finally the time has arrived that both sides can join to become the one, inner and outer earth.

With the passing of the Pisces era, we have now entered the Aqaurius era. This means that it is no longer needed to suffer, but that we can just let go of all that is in pain. This also applies for the Aghatars that have lived inside the Earth with the fear of being extinct. The time has come for the Aghartans to live upon this Earth, freeing it from the suffering it has undergo over a long period of time.

The time has come for Ishtar to incarnate on the outside of Earth, with a very big task up hand. She has chosen to incarnate as a Syrian boy at the most difficult moment ever. It seems to be her biggest challenge so far, but also the most promising event in the history of mankind. It is time to turn arround the supression of female energy and bring back the balance between male, female and child.

The current Syrian suspression is coming to its end, and the people are willing to change. No more seperation of the outer and the inner. It is now time for a leader for the people. A leader that has led for ages, and is ready to change herself. Isthar, the godess of the female, will now be a boy in a place where she can learn the most. What a task and courage that takes. But it is the time and the right place.

Finally our mother Earth, has chosen to integrate the inner, the outer and the whole. It is time to step out of duality and step into reality. Ishtar is the first, but definately not the last to shine her light. I welcome her to perform his task!