The Spiritual Progression of Animals

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Julien Moorrees

How do animals progress through their spiritual evolution? Humans return life after life, reincarnating in order to learn and grow until they ascend to the next dimension. They progress through different dimensions until they eventually return to Source, right?

More or less.

What happens to animals? How are their spirit lives begun? How do they end?

Animals are created as any other life form is created.  With fully conscious beings, the Source individuates a portion of Its energy. This individuated portion separates from Source complete with all that the Source is in Its entirety. It is as if a lake were to separate one drop of water. It retains all the qualities of the original body of water; it has all the capacity to hydrate and nurture the Earth, a person, plant, or animal. Or it could evaporate and become part of a cloud.  But that one droplet has all the abilities as the lake, it only has less volume or capacity.

So fully conscious beings are individuated and separated from Source. If they so chose, and with the assistance of more experienced individuated bits of consciousness, these fully conscious beings create their shell. If they chose a third-dimensional shell, for example, then they must again split their individuated energy. A portion enters the shell or body of the being; a portion remains in the etheric realms to assist. Third-dimensional Earth bodies cannot accept all the energy of a fully conscious being; it is too strong and the human bodies are too delicate and weak. They would be over-loaded and short-circuit immediately. Now, some Earth bodies can accept more of the fully conscious being's energy than others. And some Earthlings chose not to place as much of their consciousness as possible into their bodies. This can be because they are choosing to incarnate in several bodies at once, and must be judicious in how they split their energy. They must also keep some consciousness in reserve on the etheric realms to continue their work that they engage in on the etheric realms. Their jobs are not the drudgery that humans often experience on Earth; they are a passion that excites and engages the soul. These "jobs" contribute to the whole in ways unimaginable to the third-dimensional mind.

Animals have different origins in most cases. In most cases, they are beings created by those working on the etheric realms to nurture the earth and maintain the lush beautiful garden that Earth was in the beginning. These creations were engaging and intriguing; the garden was luscious and restful. It was supposed to be a place of respite and rejuvenation. But for reasons unnecessary to explain here, a few monkey-wrenches possible only in a planet of free choice were thrown into the mix.

In any event, most of the animals placed on the planet were put here simply to nurture the Earth. They are spiritually simple creatures with little individuation; they associate freely with the group soul of their species. In large or complex species, they may also associate with sub-group souls for a specific sub-set of their species, depending upon a geographic feature or a mutation among the species. Animals that are in this class of self awareness identify, with their species. They are born into the species and when they die, they return to the group soul and re-assimilate into the group. Eventually some or all of this energy will be placed in a new body or shell, but there is no memory of its prior life, beyond the instinctual memories of its group or species. These animals are not individuated, but the species is individuated from the others. It has a specific identity and decisions for the group are made for them all by the oversoul.

Sometimes, an animal will begin to individuate from the others of its group soul. These animals may have contact with those of a fully individuated species. As they observe the fully individuated (such as humans), a specific animal may begin to notice his own individual nature. The animal may start to think apart from the group soul and also begin to understand that he/she is an individual at once a part of the group but also separate from it. Suppose a human sat often in her garden and spoke to and befriended a mouse that lived there. As the mouse is exposed to the different vibratory energy of the human, the mouse begins to change just a little. The mouse learns that the woman does not treat her like a predator, but like something different. At first, the mouse may be unable to comprehend benevolence, but can understand that the woman means no harm.

The woman can unknowingly be broadcasting her thoughts and feelings to the mouse. As the mouse begins to absorb these new thoughts, emotions, and energies, the mouse begins to change ever so slightly. It is no longer just like the other mice. It begins to individuate. When the mouse's body dies, the mouse can choose to not return to the group soul as it had in prior transitions. The individuated mouse would retain his individual nature and enter the new shell or body with vestigial memories of its prior encounters. After a few iterations, it may individuate to the point that it wishes to experience a different species. The fully conscious souls that oversee and assist the animal kingdoms would assist the individuated mouse in determining what body shell to choose for a new series of lives. The mouse's soul might choose to live in a rabbit's body, or it might chose a mole's or a prairie dog's.

Often prey animals move to the body of another prey animal, predators move to another predator, because the transition is easy and the mindset is more easily assimilated by the animal. But if the animal's soul chooses to become a very different type of animal in order to experience another way of living, this can be accomplished with the assistance of the fully conscious helpers. As an animal has different experiences, he individuates further. In time, the animal may move to one of the more complex animal bodies, such as a wild horse, elephant, or wolf.


Many humans have companion animals who are dear to them. If the animal was wild, then the animal is likely learning to individuate and wishes to learn more about human ways. As they observe the human and become affected or influenced by the human's vibrational energy, thoughts, and emotions, the animal may begin to experience new emotions as well. Sometimes these emotions become genuine affection for the human from which the animal has come into contact. Some animals find the individuation process overwhelming and abort a lifetime to return to the group soul.

Animals with no self-awareness have affection for their offspring, to varying degrees. Much of this is instinctual more than emotional. A wild mother bear will defend, feed, and assist her cubs. Their bond is strong and instinctual. Animals on the path of individuation that are exposed to humans or other fully conscious beings can evolve to many levels of self-awareness which include love, caring, and devotion to other animals and humans. They experience a richness of emotions, thoughts, and pain at a level which is not experienced by their counterparts who remain simple constituents of the group soul.

All animals are a precious expression of the Creator, and deserve the reverence and respect that all of the Creator's work deserve. The Creator did not just create humans; all life is precious. But the plants, minerals, and water also deserve man's reverence and respect. All are equal manifestations of the Creator. While fully conscious beings may assist in the creative process, since they are a part of the Creator, then their works are the Creator's as well.

There are others among the animal species who are fully conscious beings in their own right who have selected the animal as the body shell for the conscious being's spiritual energy. These animal shells may be capable of retaining a smaller amount of spiritual energy than humans, but that does not detract from the fact that these animals are fully conscious human beings. They are no less than the humans who care for them; they are just in different shells with a lower power rating for this evolutionary cycle. Animals of this type usually prefer to accompany the human who had given them their spark of  fully conscious energy as they took their individuation to the next level. At some point, when the human no longer frequents the Earth system, that energy may revert to the human, complete with the experience, knowledge, and wisdom imparted from the energy's many lives as an animal striving to become self-aware. It is a complex dance of energy, when seen in the third-dimensional point of view, but it is simple from the perspective of the higher dimensions.

This sharing of energy by the fully conscious beings with the less-conscious is a wonderful experience to foster a true understanding of oneness. On some level, the human understands that his perspective is not the only one; the human can use the experience to better understand the interconnected nature of the planet's inhabitants. And while the human incorporates more fully the experience of oneness on the subconscious level, the conscious level interacts with the animal which has received a fraction of the human's energy. The human has a wonderful companion to assist him or her in learning the lessons chosen for that lifetime. Often the companion animals learn caring, love, and devotion from their human companions and mirror the same back to the humans. Sometimes, this is the human's only opportunity to experience unconditional love.

The death of a beloved companion animal is devastating on many levels. The human consciously loses a teacher and friend. Energetically, there is also a disruption in the energetic flow. The animal's individuated self-aware soul returns to the etheric realms to contemplate its lifetime and consult with its fully conscious helpers. Upon the death of a wild animal or one who is learning individuation, the soul receives guidance and assistance from the fully conscious souls who specifically foster the energy of the species through its oversoul.

When self-aware companion animals die, the process is slightly different. Having received a spark of a fully conscious being's spirit, their processing is more complex. They do not just enter a body for the joy of feeling it move and experiencing Earth's bounty. They often enter with a game plan or task which they have chosen to engage in. With the assistance of the fully conscious being that they were spiritually associated with, the fully-aware companion animal will review their life and their ability to meet their goal or achieve their task. During this period, the human may feel the emotional and physical loss of their companion animal, but there is also a loss of the spiritual support that the animal and human shared. This is often the most difficult aspect of the transition for them both to assimilate. The grief experienced by the human is often deeper than that experienced for other humans, because the self-aware animal companion offered physical, emotional, and spiritual support in a way that many humans find difficult to receive from other humans. This is part of the purpose of these animals.

Just as some humans are more self-aware and more spiritually advanced than others, animals are too. All humans are fully conscious, but the levels of experience and spiritual evolution can vary widely from one to another. Animals are on a similar consciousness continuum. They are more conscious than the minerals and plants, less conscious than the humans and other fully-conscious beings. Within the animal spectrum, they range from group-consciousness only, to the self-aware, to the conscious. By definition, they will not assume full consciousness, but some animals come very close. Companion animals such as cats, dogs, and horses can range at the higher end of the animal consciousness spectrum.

Of course, there are some on Earth that humans consider to be animals, which are not. They are fully conscious beings in their own right, such as the dolphins and whales. They may not compute mathematical equations but they are astronomically aware. They may not speak English or a human language, but they communicate among themselves no matter regardless of location. And they communicate with their spiritual and group leaders on other planets effortlessly.