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Julien Moorrees

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Welcome to Earth. This is the planet you live on and how it is known today. She is part of the solar system and inhabited by humans and animals. Please allow me to share a brief summary of her history with you, so that you are aware of the journey she has made. This document will give all the relevant information to start exploring your own origin. It is in no way complete but will provide important pointers that you can use in the search for your own origin.

We start our (his)story in a different part of the Universe were there was a planet called Lemuria. This planet was in perfect balance with its inhabitants, the Lemurians. Every Lemurian was connected to each other and in deep connection with their home planet Lemuria.

According to the Lemurian history, the balance was interrupted by invaders causing a war. This war ended with the explosion of planet Lemuria. Lemuria exploded in pieces and a big part traveled through the universe. The Lemurians followed it while it cooled down and became denser and more solid. It ended up in the milky way in an orbit around one single star (our sun).

The original connecting energy was still present on this remainder of Lemuria, which allowed the Lemurians to inhabit it. The Lemurians felt out of balance, knowing that big parts of Lemuria were still somewhere in the Universe. They wanted to rejoin themselves with their lost brothers and sisters. They longed to the earlier days of Lemuria.

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