Earth-Chakray 5: Pleiadians

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Julien Moorrees

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The Nephilim and Reptoids alliance became very dominant and they started to attack the Angels in order to take over the Earth. Atlantis became a weapon developing place that prepared a weapon that could close and manipulate specific Earth-Chakrays. Their goal was to remove the Lemurians and Angels by breaking their connection to Earth.

They started to experiment with the Earth Chakrays, causing its 5th Chakray to connect to the planet Erra (near the star Taygeta). From this ray, the Pleiadians set their first steps on Earth. The Pleiadians are the source of the Third Eye Chakra (6th Hindu chakra). The Pleiadians made first contact with the Angels and they learned how to master their voice.

Ray Earth_07_Atlantis

The Pleiadians were exploring their new found Chakrays and they came in contact with the Reptoids when they visited Atlantis. The Reptoids recognized that their experiment was a success and a new alliance was formed between the Pleiadians and Reptoids. It appeared that the Reptoids and Pleiadians had much more in common so the alliance with the Nephilim was ended.

The thrive of Atlantis started. The Pleiadians and Reptoids started off very successfully but were disagreeing with each other more often. It led to a fundamental disagreement when the ownership of the Earth was discussed. They both wanted to own the Earth and this was the start of the great Atlantean war. It was a very destructive period in which every Chakray reduced in numbers very rapidly.

As a last resort to take over the world, the Reptoids used their Chakray disruption machine again. But it had taken so much damage from the war that it malfunctioned. It disrupted the Earth's magnetic field causing the poles to shift and move around. This had such a huge impact on all the Planets connected to the Earth's Chakrays, that they started to lose their connection with Earth.

Total panic struck the Earth and some beings tried to flee back to their home planet or even home planets of others, using the Earth's Chakray connection points. Not everyone wanted to bring their "enemy" onto their home, so most beings were denied access into the Chakray of others and they were "left dead".

When Earth lost the Chakray connection with the planets, it was no longer possible to incarnate for the beings who went back to their home planet. Each specie reduced in numbers resulting in almost the extinction of all life on Earth.

This period is known as the Ice age, in which Earth was very cold and imprinted a lot of Trauma on those survivors that were able to keep the connection with Earth. They lost their connection with their homes and they had only each other to count on.

Ray Earth_08_War

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