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Julien Moorrees
Whoever experienced a Deja-Vu can recognize the following: You walk in a complete strange city, look to a certain point and all of a sudden you recognize the impressions you see there (as if you have experienced it before). There are (important) experiences/expressions present in your soul that can come from previous lives.

Your soul keeps these impressions not simply as a photograph, but stores much more: Emotions, names and the core (what happened there?) are all present. Your soul can posses experiences which have been passed on by other souls to you. These are the so-called lessons for life which purpose is to be recognized. The lessons for life have been passed on before you were born. Whenever such a moment occurs in your life, the lesson for life ensures that you do enter the situation unprepared.

The most traumatic experiences are the most present (they have made the deepest impression): Someone who has died during a airplane crash in a previous life, can be frightened to death for flying in her present life.

The consequences of a traumatic experience can be so deep that they can leave a wound on the soul. This are so-called soul wounds from which a soul might often suffer. These wounds can be healed by the time, or by a confrontation with this experience.

Gathering experiences is necessary because your spirit comes a step higher by this in the spiritual evolution (if you've never cried, you don't know how to laugh).

When the wound of the soul is not healed, the soul needs to return to the material world to to heal this wound.

The soul doesn't need to return to this material world when it is completely enlightened. It enters the next phase of the spiritual evolution.