Earth-Chakray 6: The Humans

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Julien Moorrees

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The Earth's poles were still at drift when a new "planet" connected with Earth. The planet Alcheringa / Tjukurpa was not much developed yet, since it was a gas giant. Earth was still interesting for the humans, because it allowed better development than their own environment. The humans that incarnated are the source of the Base / Root Chakra (1th Hindu chakra). A lot of people incarnated and they started the primitive tribes like Indians, Aboriginals and Papua's. Those who remember their time on Alcheringa / Tjukurpa still call it the Dreamtime. It was the time before they had physical bodies and still lived in the gas giant.

The Humans started to explore the earth and learned about the Earth and its basic elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth). They were able to learn the Earth in the form it was in, creating a very special band with it. The other Chakrays did not really know what to do with this "limited" specie that had joined, so they decided to let them explore first. They had learned from the past that any interference could cause problems and they didn't wanted to "mess it up".

This went well for a long time and the Humans were able to multiply themselves in huge numbers. The Reptoids became interested in these humans that seemed very fit and able to work hard that they started to exploit them for their own purposes. Contact was made and feelings (Chakray 4) were introduced into the Humans. As manipulative the Reptoids were, the Humans came in contact with sex and started to enjoy it. This made the Humans very perceptive to the Reptoids and were willing to give themselves away to "the gods".

Ray Earth_10_Humans

This time the other Chakrays were aware of what was going on and the Angels cut off the connection between the Humans and Reptoids. Chakray 1 was introduced to the Humans, learning them the difference between love and sex. A deeper connection started between the Humans and Earth when they came in contact with the true Lemurian Energy. The Humans grow exponentially and the other Chakrays refocused their efforts to work on connecting the Chakrays with their homes.

The Reptoids and Pleiadians made peace and joined each other in the search for their home and set the first steps of what is now known as the Galactic Federation. They started to point outwards in earth, and pushed the Poles back in its original path. This allowed the Earth to continue its original search for Lemuria.

Ray Earth_11_Humans_balance

The Humans were growing in numbers and most of them never came in contact with the other Chakrays except the Lemurian Chakray that was needed to keep the Humans together in groups. This formed a very strong bond between the Lemurians, Earth and the Humans. The Lemurians learned Chakray 6 in depth during this period, which helped them better in understanding the importance of Earth in a different way. For the humans, Earth became their home.

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