Earth-Chakray 1: The Lemurians

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Julien Moorrees

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When the first two Lemurians (Atom and Eve) inhabited Earth it felt as if they were stranded on this cold surface which felt nothing like home. They remembered their time on Lemuria as beings in perfect balance with their planet, whilst now there was no contact with this planet at all. Earth didn't feel the same as Lemuria was, before it exploded.

Atom and Eve started to learn a lot about this new place in the galaxy and more Lemurians started to inhabit Earth. Since Lemuria is the home of the hearth chakra, Earth was shaped with the same energy as the former planet Lemuria (also referred as Eden of Mu).

The Lemurians reinstated their former connections with each other and the planet, causing the Earth's chakra to grow and attach itself to all the Lemurians. A perfect balance between the planet and the Lemurians was re-instated:

Ray Earth_02_Lemurie

Although the Lemurians were in full contact with Earth they didn't feel complete. A big part of Lemuria was still lost during the explosion and the connection with their brothers and sisters was still gone. They felt alone in this part of the Universe and they wanted to rejoin Earth with the other parts of Lemuria and its people.

The search for survivors of the explosion of Lemuria, started. The earth opened itself by creating portals that allows cosmic rays to connect to. These portals are the Earth chakra's. The Earth magnetic field is used by pointing the north and south pole towards several galaxies. The magnetic field acts as an antenna that attracts cosmic rays in the hope to find an original Lemurian ray.

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