The last eight Lemurian Guards

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Julien Moorrees

In the last days of the Lemurian world on Earth, the Lemurians knew they would be murdered by the Nephilim. All the knowledge and insights of the Lemurian race, would dissappear if they didn't come up with a plan. Knowing that live can take any form, they decided to transfer their history, knowledge and distinct personality onto the big white and red Lemurian crystal, that has been the Lemurian heart, since the beginning of their journey on Earth.

John took the crystal and devided it into 1000 pieces, programming them to awake when being touched by a true Lemurian. He sow the crystals over several places, knowing they would be found at the right time. They are now emerging over multiple places and finding their way to their owners. Unlocking the Lemurian knowledge and history, to be used in the right time, which is now.

To fool the Nephilim, a fake crystal was taken and erected upon the Earth. Eight brave Lemurians were assigned the task to protect the crystal, knowing it would be the last thing they would do. A pact was created between the eight (4 male and 4 female), swearing secrecy about the plan they were executing. Protecting the Lemurian race at all costs, formed the strongest binding between the guards.

And there we stood, facing the horizon. We formed a circle, side by side, looking outwards. We were the last 8 surviving Lemurian guards of the Nephilim war. Behind our backs, inside the circle, we've protected the -pretend to be-crystal of Lemurian knowledge. The pact was created, our secret was safe.

It did not take long when the Nephilim soldiers came running towards us. Hundreds of Nephilim ran up the hill, aproaching the Lemurian guards closer and closer. We started to fight them off, but this many nephilim were just too much. They entered our solar plexus and we where burned from the inside out. We gave up, knowing that we had performed our job. The Nephilims destroyed the fake crystal, expecting the Lemurian race to be extinct.

How little did they know.....