Earth-Chakray 7: The Christ’s

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Julien Moorrees

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A new Chakray aligned with a new planet called Kolob which is the home of the Crown Chakra (7th Hindu chakra). It is the home of the Christ's by which the first person that incarnated was Jesus Christ. The Christ's started their journey on Earth in direct contact with the Humans and the Angels.

Ray Earth_12_Christos

There was a direct understanding between the Angels and the Christ's because they recognized the connection the Christ's had with the God they searched for. An alliance was formed between the Angels and the Christ's to work together for a better Earth. The knowledge about the higher self, from the Christ's brought perspective about everything, so that the other Chakrays focused more on their own lessons. The Christ's energy was adopted between the other Chakrays. A new Earth balance was formed between that reflected an easier way to integrate all the Chakrays on Earth.

Ray Earth_13_Christos_Balance

The Earth species started to develop Chakra's, using Earth's Chakray system allowing easier transformation between the different rays. This allowed the Earth to develop a lot faster than before. A lot of systems were developed that gave insight in the 7 chakra system and this knowledge became widely used over the world. The development of the Earth increased in rapid speed, with this new transformation system in place.

The Earth people became more uniform then it was in the beginning when it moved back to its original path. It reconnected with the Chakray 2,3,4 and 5 planets, allowing friends, brothers and sisters to reconnected. All the experience and lessons of the other Chakrays were shared with each other. Some decided to leave the planet and never came back (like a lot of the Pleiadians), whilst others actually made the trip back to Earth (like the Angels) and started to live again in connection with the other rays.

Ray Earth_14_Christos_Balance

It was a very fruitful time in which the Earth alliance spread across the home planets. Federations were formed and it was allowed for some species to visit other home planets by "incarnating" into their form. Earth became a portal to a lot of new planets.

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